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Best Running Machines & Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial treadmills often have warranties whenever they are used in “high traffic” places such as physiotherapy clinics, health clubs, and corporate workout rooms. Typically, their warranties stay valid if the machine is not used for more than six hours in a day. Commercial running machines are particularly low-maintenance and durable. What’s more, they support anything from light jogging to marathon training.

Most commercial running machines have their consoles loaded with innovative workout programming and also electronics that cater to entertainment. In terms of price, commercial treadmills are a little more expensive but are worth the investment. This is because you pay for the highest grade parts that will last for years even after years of use. Check out Physique Sports if you are looking for a UK supplier of commercial gym equipment.

Top Picks For Best Commercial Treadmills

Below is a list of some of the commercial treadmills that have passed quality tests and have been highly rated over the years:

Precor TRM 835

A top performer among other commercial treadmills, the TRM 835 represents the best and most popular running machines in the Precor brand. This commercial treadmill is designed for performance, comfort, and reliability. Its deck is specially designed and optimized to absorb shock and offer stability to the 25 pre-set workout programs.

Its comfort and performance features combine well with its powerful 4.0 HP motor for unmatched power. Apart from its ergonomic design, console, and pre-set workout programs, the Precor TRM 835 offers speeds reaching 16 mph, which is great for sprint running as well as interval training. Its 60 by 22 inches deck offers ample space for running and is ideal for users of all sizes and shapes. This commercial treadmill comes with a solid warranty: seven years on the frame, five years on the motor, two years on parts and console, and one year on labour.

Landice L8 Limited

One notable feature that differentiates it from the rest is its extra-large track that helps accommodate runners of all sizes. The 22” by 63” running area is enough to accommodate a tall athlete’s stride as well as a trainee with extra girth. The treadmill also allows incline training with a tilt of up to 15% for increased calorie burn rate and better strength through muscle recruitment.

Upon purchase, buyers are offered two choices for deck cushioning: VFX Shock Absorption which is five times more shock absorbent than grass and an upgraded Landice cushioning that makes the deck seven times more shock absorbent than grass. Its 4.0 HP motor supports continuous running and can a motion of up to 12 mph. In its list of connectivity features is Bluetooth connectivity that connects with iTunes and two workout apps: Landice Runkeeper and RunSocial.

Cybex Total Access

With a 22” by 60” running area, this commercial treadmill offers a long and wide track to accommodate virtually anyone on this treadmill. The Cybex Total Access treadmill is fitted with an intelligent suspension system that supports runners via different firmness zones. This is especially essential for landing and offering support for push-off. Its 5 HP motor supports up to speeds of 4 mph. This commercial treadmill also offers trainees a chance to monitor their pulse through a contact or wireless system. Overall, this treadmill is safe, reliable, and convenient.


Commercial running machines have lately become the choice for homeowners due to their convenience and long term value. With most of them having ample running area, you can rely on them to accommodate virtually any trainee for a nice run.